Naked Hysteria in a Cum Lacquered Cell

This is the second chapter of the misanthropic adventures of a junkie named Smith (now reread that five times fast), titled: "Naked Hysteria in a Cum Lacquered Cell". If you haven't already read the first chapter, you can find it on my blog titled: "Sick and Longing for a Walgreen's Bathroom". DISCLAIMER: NOT FOR CHILDREN … Continue reading Naked Hysteria in a Cum Lacquered Cell

Five-Hundred Circles

Indianapolis a once promising sight for freedom, industry, and corn. The fastest city in the western hemisphere- Where men from all walks could aspire to drive in five hundred circles, chasing the emphatic roar of beer-blooded all-Americans. Indianapolis A standing fury of cold steel and broken asphalt weighing on her spider webbed society Angry, cold, … Continue reading Five-Hundred Circles