One Hundred Little Things

There’s a hundred-million people

With a hundred-billion schemes

For a hundred-thousand others

Who haven’t anything

Except their hungry children

With a bunch of fractured dreams

There’s ever nothing to it

And nothing left for me

Rockabye my baby

And give me back my smile

Don’t forget forget me

I’ll see you n’er while

A hundred-thousand lovers

Choking on a mouth of screams

Once a hundred players

Who now aren’t what they seem

I’m trying to remember

When I was still your king

But it’s almost certain n’er

You thought so high of me

Rockabye my baby

Yeah, here we go again

The hurt you have betrayed me

Is lost upon my lips

Will you still need me

If I held you in my arms

Or would you just leave me

With this useless broken heart